Zee Meth

Office & Safety

Safety Department – Processing of skippers licenses, liaising with clubs (on safety aspects), examiners and surveyors, tending to all queries from applicants.

    About me

    I started working for the South African Deep Sea Angling Association in 2016 up until they moved to Gauteng. I then started working for Natal Deep Sea Angling Association in January 2020 where I worked hand in hand with SAMSA (certificates dept) serving to channel certificates of competency applications from the provinces to SAMSA. I now do this at a provincial level from NDSAA to SADSAA.

    Solving problems and just having the solutions


    This competitive career has so much to give and so many opportunities to offer. I am constantly learning and finding new things 7 years later.


    It’s not only about the job, but this journey can be your safe space where you can exhale and find space to grow and fill all rooms with your talent!