Rob Shepard

Tournament Officer

I have recently been voted into the role of Tournaments and Records Officer on the NDSAA Council.  I am also an Area Rep in the Central Area looking after Umhlanga and Umdloti Ski Boat Clubs, where I serve as Safety Officer


    About Me

    I started fishing when I was 6 years old with my dad and my brother. I received junior Natal colours for rock and surf angling and then received my Natal colours for Deep Sea Angling in 2018. I also have my SADSAA Skipper Colours. I enjoy all facets of fishing and am very proud that my son has followed me and received his colours for Rock and Surf and Deep Sea Angling. My favourite fishing place is Chidenguele in Mozambique.


    I would love to see the sport continue to grow despite the increasing costs and challenges of competitive angling.


    Never Give Up!