Riaz Hussain

Safety Officer

NDSAA Provincial Safety Officer and the SADSAA Deputy National Safety Officer – All Coastal.
Area representative for the Silt Canal Clubs.

I have received my Natal colours for angling and safety and my SADSAA colours for Safety.


    About Me

    I started Rock and Surf fishing when I was 6 years old and then took up Deep Sea Fishing when I was 14. It was my father who started me on my fishing journey. I enjoy both Gamefishing and Bottomfishing.

    My favourite fishing areas are in the Eastern Cape and I enjoy catching Steenbras and Mussell Cracker


    My vision for NDSAA would be to see more done for the non-competitive anglers and encourage them to become competitive.

    I would also like to see the membership continue to grow.


    Don’t talk too much. Let the rods speak for you.