Mary Kane

Secretary – NDSAA Council

I have recently joined Natal Deep Sea Angling Association as Secretary
I assist the Council members with all aspects of admin including club communications, tournaments, reporting etc. Our family are members of the Umhlanga Ski Boat Club. My husband and two children all fish competitively for USBC and Natal

    About Me

    I was born in Durban into a family who was already passionate about fishing so our family holidays were spent camping at St Lucia and Mapelane and fishing all along the coast. I then married a fisherman so I have always been involved in some way with the sport. It has been very exciting to follow Byron’s journey through receiving his colours for Gamefishing and Bottomfishing and then to see both our children grow and follow in his path to receiving their Natal colours too. I’ve been very blessed to catch amazing fish over the years but my true passion lies with equestrian sports. I have ridden horses all my life and my daughter is now also riding competitively when she’s not fishing!!


    I am passionate about the growth of the juniors and ladies in this sport. We have a very strong and capable group of anglers in our province and I would love to see more kids and ladies get involved. I would also love to see sponsors playing a bigger part in helping our talented anglers to compete in more international tournaments and really put South Africa on the map.


    Fishing is a great leveller. It demands patience, organization, dedication and hard work. If you can get your kids involved from a young age, they will build friendships and increase their knowledge, not only about the sport, but in their general life skills. Join a club and ask as many questions as you can to learn as much as you can. Take the first step towards making some incredible milestones and memories.