Elmar Basson

South Coast Representative

I am one of the area representatives for the lower South Coast and sit on the Natal Deep Sea Angling Association Council. We are responsible for all necessary communication between the clubs from Hibberdeen South to Port Edward – in total there are 9 clubs.

    About me

    I am Vice commodore of Shelly Beach Skiboat Club where I have been fishing as a natal captain for a couple of years now. I am currently trying to get my SADSAA colours. I am also a member of Nomads Deep Sea Fishing Club so that I can fish in some other competitions as well.

    I was introduced to competitive fishing by a friend and it instantly hooked me as you fish against other people who are mad enough to fish with 10 kg line. Only after a while, I started seeing results with fishing with lighter line and what you can actually pull on it. I am a gamefish and Tuna angler by demographic but nowadays I prefer the light tackle bill fishing as it is so much more of a challenge. You will never forget your first big fish on light line as all you have learned along the way comes together.


    I would like to see more involvement from our clubs down south they are simply not interested in competitive fishing. We have invited them to fish with us every now and again in a competition. There are so many great and talented anglers that have potential to grow and go further into the Natal Colours.


    Don’t be afraid of light line – you will be amazed with a little bit of input from other anglers what you can pull. I for one, cherish the camaraderie from the fellow anglers as well as the opposing teams anglers who all get along great.