Scott Magnus

NDSAA PRO Officer & Central Area Representative

Durban Ski Boat Club whom I fish competitively for and Glenmore Ski Boat Club.

I started fishing rock and surf from a young age with my Grandfather and Father and continued to do so until i was 18. I went on my first deep-sea trip with Bob Simmonds out of Glenmore over a Christmas holiday and was intrigued. A few years later, I did my skippers ticket, bought a boat and joined both DSBC and Glenmore. I started fishing competitively in 2018 for DSBC after Justin Paynter convinced me to attend the DSBC competitive meeting at the beginning of the year, with the goal of getting my Natal Colours. This goal has now changed to wearing the Green and Gold one day.

Competitive angling is a great way to meet new friend, build relationships with other like minded anglers around the country and continue to learn new tricks. Its a long road to get your colours, but so so worth it in the end.