Francois Beukes

Development Officer

My role in NDSAA Council is the Development Officer and Selector for the last 5 years.
I belong to the Rod and Reel Club.
I was introduced to the sport at a very young age by my mentor and late father, Barry who was the commodore for the then Durban Paddleski Club.


    About Me

    Initially I only fished for pleasure but started fishing competitively for the South African Police Service in 1995.They ran a similar deep sea fishing league as SADSAA with qualifying events up and down the KZN coast with a Nationals once a year. I was only introduced to competitive fishing when i joined the Rod and Reel club in 2002.
    Although I received my first NDSAA colours for Game Fishing in 2005 ,Bottom fishing was always my passion.


    My fondest fishing memory was fishing for the Protea team in Iceland,it was a dream come true for me and certainly a bucket list destination. As a team, we achieved a bronze medal overall and I ended up joint top angler with 5 other anglers from Europe, but was awarded an individual bronze medal on a fish countback.


    Set goals for yourself and try your utmost in achieving them,keep it simple,stick to the basics and don’t overthink your game plan for competitions.