Anton van den Berg

NDSAA President

Member of Durban Ski Boat Club & Warnadoone Ski Boat Club. I have been involved in ski boat angling since I was 8 years old, initially a member of Isipingo Ski Boat Club, where my father was a founding member. The club changed name to Reunion Ski Boat Club, years later where at 20 years old I was part of the club committee, At 28 years old, I was then elected as Vice Chairman and whilst in the portfolio the club premises were taken away by the local municipality and we lost the launch site. I then joined Warnadoone Ski boat Club as an angler.

  • 2018 Vice Commodore at Warnadoone Ski Boat Club.
  • 2019 NDSAA Tournaments Officer
  • 2020 NDSAA Tournaments & Records Officer
  • 2022 NDSAA Vice President, NDSAA Tournaments & Records Officer and a NDSAA Selector.
  • 15th February 2023 I was co-opted in as NDSAA President and after the AGM in April was elected NDSAA President.

    About Me

    When my son Seth nominated and got selected as a NDSAA U16 junior angler I started managing the NDSAA juniors and was then approached to become an NDSAA area rep, at the same time I was part of the Committee of Warnadoone Ski Boat club as well.
    I managed the NDSAA juniors and when my son was awarded SADSAA colours I then managed the NDSAA and SADSAA juniors.

    Vision for NDSAA and Natal Anglers

    NDSAA is currently the biggest province when it comes to the number of anglers affiliated to our national body SADSAA. My aim is to ensure that we grow from strength to strength and we always have our angler’s best interest at heart. So often people take up positions for personal gain or agendas. My objective is to ensure that every angler has a fair and equal opportunity to reach their goals. NDSAA has done exceptionally well at all the events they have competed at and I am confident that this will continue, as we have a very strong council that shares in my vision.


    Fishing is one of the most exhilarating but humbling sports on our planet. It has its extreme highs by landing your Personal Best but there are times that you get a fish eaten, hooks pull or you just can’t seem to buy a bite. I think this is why we keep coming back for more. It is unpredictable and you’re just not sure what to expect on any given day.